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Capital Solutions

AEG Capital is an investment bank that provides creative capital market solutions to middle market companies.

Solutions Driven

Similar to all of AEG's work, our capital markets activity is solutions driven. We think of financial products as building blocks. We use debt and equity creatively and opportunistically to design transactions that meet our clients’ particular financing needs.

We take the time to listen and understand each client’s unique situation—their specific risks, opportunities and long-term strategic goals. That drives the solution framework. Then we go to the market to make the right match of financial partners, products and pricing.

Access to Capital.  We have extensive experience and strong relationships with market-leading institutional investors as well as specialty and niche funds. This gives our clients access to a wide array of sophisticated and intelligent lenders, investors and partners who are interested in and willing to be creative with complex transactions.
Guidance.  We guide clients closely through each stage of an offering—from evaluating options to structuring a solution, to marketing, negotiation and closing a successful transaction. In doing so, we help clients understand the best way to structure debt and equity and put money to work to improve their company.

Experience.  Our team has significant deal experience advising and raising capital for growing companies, acquisitive companies and companies in need of restructuring. We are attuned and sensitive to the unique needs of entrepreneurs, family offices, publicly held companies and private equity firms.

What You Can Expect

We don’t push commoditized products or generic structures. Rather, we work with our clients and empower them to access the financial markets, assess the full range of alternative solutions and help them tailor a transaction that is ideally suited to their specific needs.

As a client, you can expect that we will work closely with you from pre-transaction due diligence through closing and beyond:

  • Conduct thorough due diligence before approaching the market
  • Understand your particular opportunities and challenges
  • Assess available financial alternatives and determine the range of potential solutions
  • Hone the story and create a compelling investment thesis
  • Identify appropriate target of institutional investors
  • Create and manage an effective transaction marketing plan
  • Negotiate best terms on your behalf
  • Assist in documenting and closing transaction
  • Post-transaction support and follow up