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Our Story

AEG – A Story of Growth

AEG’s heritage is in turnarounds and restructuring.  We have been doing this work for almost 20 years.   We have had a front row seat to the complex problems companies on the defensive for one reason or another.

We understand business. We specialize in solving difficult business challenges with layers of complexity.  Expanding from distressed businesses into adjacent spaces where we saw client need was a logical next step and a way to support more of our clients’ goals and strategic objectives.

That evolution happened naturally—first through an extension of corporate advisory services into situations where viability was not at stake. We work regularly with corporate boards on a range of challenges from increasing shareholder value to business plan assessments to business transformations. We also work with CEOs on underperformance issues. In many of these cases, our clients have the luxury of time. However, they find themselves stalled or stuck and need help getting back on track or even charting a whole new course.
We again expanded the AEG umbrella through AEG Capital, an independent investment bank. Whether a company is seeking growth, looking to make a bold move or stressed by the weight of an inappropriate capital structure—all of our clients need access to capital. Adding this capability represented another synergistic step forward and way to bring even more value to clients. Our Capital Solutions team has decades of experience and deep relationships with market-leading institutional investors along with specialty and niche funds. We know who to go to and where to place non-traditional and hard-to-place paper.
While AEG’s roots are in the turnaround business, today AEG offers clients so much more.