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Chief Restructuring Officer

The role of Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) is crucial in a distressed situation. As CRO, AEG takes action and exercises leadership over day-to-day operations—a job for which we are deeply qualified. We have proven our effectiveness across a broad range of CRO engagements.

First, we put our focus on powerful solutions. We ask the difficult questions and act on the answers. We never turn away from the facts; rather, we consider the company’s issues from multiple perspectives, including our insight as business executives and over many engagements.

Second, we offer extraordinary managerial strength. Our professionals have been executives in an array of business situations and are accustomed to leading companies under pressure. We understand how to manage a company in a distressed environment, prioritize actions and steer the business toward profitability. We embrace accountability and are willing to make tough decisions while recognizing the value of constructive resolution through collaboration.